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Usb Bible
End of Year Test Schedule
LABS CCSI-202 (Object Oriented Programming)
LABS CCSI-301 (Electronic Computer Interfacing)
LABS CCSI-400 (Client/Server Architecture)
LABS CCSI-402 (Micro Controller Interfacing)
LABS FCSI-502 (Intrusion Detection Systems)
MATH-09 (Technical Math)
MATH-10 (Math for Computer Engineering )
MATH-11 (Math for Environmental Technology )
LABS EETN-110 (C++)
FCSI-601 (Forensic Internet Technology--Labs
LABS EETN-22 (Data Comm )
LABS LL-112 (X Windows )
LABS LL-117 (Microsoft Windows MFC)
LABS LL-124 (Client Server)
LABS LL-104 (Digital)
LABS LL-109 (Win32 Api/Assembly language)
LABS NT-011 (Digital Computer Interfacing)
LABS CENG-018 (Linux Client Server)
LABS EETN-22 (Data Comm )
LABS Comp-85
COMP82 Window O/S
COMP-66 Scripting Procedures
Gaming-101 Computer Game Consol Internals 1
Gaming-201 Computer Game Consol Internals 2
COMP-1100 Introduction C++ Programming
Gaming-301 Game User Controls
Gaming-302 Game Sound Management
Gaming-402 Game Scripting
Gaming-403 Game Projects
On-Line Student Grades

Feel Free to contact me at
- voice mail 933-6080-2515
- E-mail simzer@uno.slctech.org

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